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Tesla Model S Carbon Fiber and Performance Parts

Welcome to, your number 1 source for carbon fiber parts for the Tesla Model S. Quality control is a significant part of our process, as our carbon fiber parts are inspected and tested thoroughly. Additionally, we coat all our products in UV resistant clear coat to protect them from fading and discoloration. Below is a list of our popular carbon fiber and performance parts available for the Tesla Model S including mirror caps, trunk lips, front lips and diffusers. We are constantly upgrading and adding to our carbon fiber products. So feel free to check again if you are still looking for what you want.

Why choose Monaco Motorsports for my Tesla Model S carbon fiber parts?

At Monaco Motorsports, we aim to deliver high-quality carbon fiber products at an affordable price and with client satisfaction. Our products are made with 100% genuine 2x2 carbon fiber, handcrafted by experts. Our specialists here have extensive knowledge of Tesla Model S interior and exterior design and apply this knowledge to craft better quality fitment for your vehicle. If you have any inquiries or feedback about our products or the use of our Carbon fiber and performance parts, feel free to contact our specialist. We will get back to you as soon as possible. (619) 947-4999 or